One Week to go

UPDATE : One week to go

Expeditions are funny things , everyone assumes that the expedition itself is the hard part , but this isn’t the full truth really.  Certainly the expedition is the hardest part physically , and we spend months and years training to be as fit and ready for that aspect as we can be , but the planning stage is also hugely important , and not without it’s own difficulties.

With a week to go before we leave Ireland final preparations are in full flight.  Our sleds, known as pulks, are in transit to Ireland , as are our dry suits – queue frequent checking of courier tracking numbers ! Flights and luggage allowances are finally sorted to get us up to Resolute from where we will fly on to the ice.  All our clothes for the expedition , and sleeping and cooking equipment are sorted and will be tested in -25c next week in a giant freezer !   Amid all the excitement with packing and media interview etc we are still out chasing sponsorship too.  With our title sponsor on board we are now ready to go on the ice , but to give us the best chance at making our goal of being the first Irish to walk to the North Pole we really want to be able to book a second flight to drop supplies to us on the ice.  We are doing what is called a supported attempt , which means that we will have food and fuel dropped to us mid expedition.  At the moment we can afford one flight ,but to increase our chances greatly we need to get a second drop , the bad news is that this will cost approx €65,000 !  Our pressure is increased by the fact that we really need to make the North Pole by a certain date to coincide with flights off the ice – this means that we have to move quick and light , hence the second equipment drop.

So here it is , our call to arms , please help support the expedition! If you are a company we can offer amazing promotional opportunities, please talk to us.  If you are an individual please head over to our shop on this site and support us in any way you can – every € is vital!   Thanks in advance and we hope you enjoy following the expedition.



Mike , Clare and the Ice Project Team