Mike & Clare with a sponsors flag

Mike & Clare with a sponsors flag

Over the last 18 months we have generated a huge media interest throughout Ireland, Russia, Canada and most of the world . We have generated over €500k AVE in Ireland alone in the past 12 months, and the upcoming expedition is estimated to have a potential AVE of up to €2 million.

The remoteness and difficulty of accessing the Arctic region also makes this one of the most expensive expeditions to participate in. The estimated cost of a North Pole expedition is €250,000 which covers charter flights, food, equipment etc. We currently have a substantial amount of funding in place and all of our equipment has been purchased. We are currently looking for a major sponsor to headline the expedition, and work in conjunction with us in creating a piece of both Irish and world history.  Any sponsors associated with this expedition will be recognised a long way into the future. It’s rare that an opportunity presents itself where your marketing investment carries on years and decades into the future.

Our aim is to enable any potential sponsors to participate in supporting us on this exciting endeavour and we are willing to discuss sponsorship from individual sponsors to major brands.

Have a look at our Sponsorship Outline  and our North Pole 2014 Sponsorship Document