Sailsbury Plains

We got picked up as the winds are too strong to do anything and are getting stronger, so we have sailed to Prince Olaf bay to seek shelter for a day or two,

Sailsbury Plains was possibly one of the most amazing places I or any of us have visited in our lives, the King penguin colony and rookery here are one of the most amazing experiences you could share and be part of, even for a short amount of time, to watch them waddle around, the adults moulting and the young chicks that are just a huge brown ball of downy feather, and all for as far as the eye can see, something that really is hard to explain but another privilege to have seen first hand

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Again escaping the Fur seals on the beach was a military operation, each time we come up with a plan to create a diversion, several carry the gear and several are on guard duty, it truly is the most frightening part of this trip, as they are so territorial and aggressive. It’s amazing how fast a 200kg Seal only equipped with flippers can move.

Even the small cuddly day old pups are territorial and snarl at us, so we can all be hired after this for military planning and tactical operations.

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