Rough Day at the office

Landed on here today, nice easy landing not too many fur seals around, makes life easier for sure, with 5 million of them on this small island it’s hard to duck them.

We are now camped beneath the Lucas Glacier in howling winds, we can barely walk against them, so could make for an interesting night. Earlier we were visiting the second biggest King Penguin colony on the Island, there are as far as the eye see.

Slight interruption there, one tent most poles broken in 60/70 mph gusts, so we have had to move campsites to higher ground with better shelter and where we could dig platforms into the snow, it certainly made for some excitement. 

Not as much as yesterday when 2 bull fur seals chased me, they are by far the most dangerous thing in the island and the huge population means there are everywhere on each beach and among the tussock grass, so even running away can sometimes be into more danger as they are fiercely territorial, they certainly have a fondness for me with all the chases I get or maybe they are just going for the biggest meal, anyway they have us all on our guard constantly.

Tomorrow we will see what the weather is doing and do some photography, some walking and maybe just maybe get a run onto the Lucas Glacier, but this wind needs to move on before we can venture anywhere

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