North Pole : Facts

Start Point:                                  Cape Discovery or Ward Hunt Island

Distance:                                     778km

Duration:                                     60 days approx

Temp:                                           -20C to – 60C

Calories per day:                          8,000 to 9,000 calories burned – 6,000 eaten

Effort equivalent:                          2 marathons per day

Estimated weight loss:                  44lbs over 60 days

Daylight at start:                           3 hours

Daylight at finish:                         24 hours

Daily drift of Ice cap:                     0 – 18km in the wrong direction (i.e. away from the Pole)

Water temp:                                  Down to -1.8 degrees c

Sled Weight per person:               80kg

Depth of Ice:                                 0cm to 4m

Likely hood of swimming:             Definite

Hours Skiing per day:                  12 hours

Hours cooking per day:                 5 – 6 hours

Showers  in 60 days:                   0

Meeting a wild polar bear:           Very Likely

Falling through the Ice:                4 times each

Meeting other people:                 0

Success rate for North Pole Expeditions:     30%

Irish to the North Pole (full expedition):        0

Everest Ascents:                              5,654

Persons into Space:                         534

South Pole (Full distance):               200

(over 50 women):

North Pole (Full distance):               182

(only 12 women)