North Pole 2014

The teams North Pole 2014 attempt was thwarted by a falling ice block causing injury to both Mike & Clare : Read the details here

The Ice Project team of Mike O’ Shea and Clare O’ Leary will return to Northern Canada again in early 2014 to attempt to walk to the North Pole, having been thwarted in 2012 due to failed shared logistics.

The North Pole is regarded as the hardest expedition in the world, and has been quoted by Reinhold Messner as being “ten times harder than Everest”. The fact that only 130+ people have ever arrived on foot gives a clear statement of the difficulty of completing this trip. Over the last century the sudden melting of the ice has now virtually eliminated the possibilities of ever walking there again. Current conditions in 2014, with the change in the jet stream, have facilitated a good freeze and this may be the last chance for anyone to reach the North Pole on foot.

Mike and Clare has demonstrated in the last 18 months their ambitious desire to reach the North Pole, having spent 19 days on the ice in temperatures as low as -55c in 2012 , and having completed both the fifth crossings of the North Patagonian Icecap and Lake Baikal in 2012 and 2013 respectively. They are widely regarded as one of the strongest teams in the world with the potential to make this expedition a success and be the first people to reach the North Pole in over 4 years, and the first Irish in history.