Mike bumps into Jonathan Shackleton

Mike & Jonathan Shackleton

Today was spent hanging around Gritvyken, visiting the museum, the post office, drying gear and just a lazy day. Some went for walks, Aidan and Clare went for a kayak, Keith for a scramble, and lots of tea and eating.

Amazing to be here looking at all of the remains of the whaling station, some whaling ships, and seals spread everywhere through the ruins.

In the afternoon while out taking a few shots, I was approached by a man who asked was I Irish, looking up I immediately recognised the face, a man I had never met before but has been in communication by phone and email for almost 20 years, a direct descendant of the great Ernest Shackleton, and probably one of his greatest promoters, the every knowledgeable Jonathan Shackleton, it was a great honour to meet him especially here and in the Centenary year, amazing we had to wait so long and travel so far to meet up, the World truly is a small place

Going to Cobblers Cove tomorrow to see Marconi Penguins, and then back to Gritvyken to batten down the hatches for a big storm the is on the way.

Then we hope to walk from Fortuna Bay to Stromness, then Lucas Glacier, a few more stops to visit the unbelievable wildlife before heading to the Salomon Glacier,  some of the places we are visiting are closed locations and we have been given permission to visit following our application, so that is very exciting and a great honour