Iceland : Vatnajökull

Unfortunately the team were unsuccessful in completing this expedition : this time! Severe snow storms with associated high winds battered the team for over 5 days keeping them tent-bound , having to dig the tent out from the snow every 2 hours! With a limited food and fuel supply with them the team were forced to abandon the attempt but plan on returning again in the future.


This 140km journey to cross Europes largest icecap will begin with the team climbing steeply over 1000 vertical meters to get up on the to glacial plateau , carrying their sled and all equipment on their backs.  Once up on the ice cap the team will use a mixture of skiing and walking in crampons pulling the large plastic sleds behind.  On this expedition the team will not only be encountering glacial terrain but also passing through areas of volcanic activity. In the area of Grimsfjall they will climb close the an active volcano which last erupted in 2010 , and features a large geothermal lake in the middle of the glacier.