Iceberg Watch


9th Dec :

Sitting on Deck now, some serious icebergs about the place, so lots of ducking and diving, to avoid them, one piece was 1.4 miles long, a piece broken off from Antartica for sure, and lots the size of houses, cars etc, and were only looking at a fraction of what is below the water line.

The big ones are easy to spot, it’s the ones called Growlers that are the issue for us as they are barely visible with the large swell, certainly keeps you on your toes for your watch, the watch during the day isn’t too bad, but when it’s dark and the fog is down its very difficult to spot anything. 

We’re all like zombies with the motion of the sea and the irregular sleep, but amazing to see bird life this far from land, even a wide range of seals, no whales so far on this leg. Our eating is all over the place with so many watches and the movement of the boat, my new found respect for fishermen is growing by the day, it certainly is a tough game being on the sea

10th Dec :

Rough seas, loads of icebergs, snowing for hours, now the sun is beaming down on us. It’s nearly as bad as at home.

Think I have fulfilled all my needs with regard to yachting in the Southern Ocean, it’s certainly hard going, amazing how simply things like getting dressed, cooking and going to the toilet turn in mini nightmares, but we’re getting there slowly, probably 3/4 days to Stanley