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Day 3 – All going well

Morning We did 16k yesterday and gained 300m, was a lovely day overall, nice steady 15km wind most of the day. Amazing to just see white in every direction. The snow is very stick so it’s balling on the skis, so very little gliding, everyone in good form, Mike  

The whole team sledding across Greenland

Dragging sleds through the icefall.

Day 2 : Greenland

Great weather again today, travelled over 11k which is good for the icefall. Lots of snow so we have managed to stay in the skis all day. Great sleep last night, total quiet, and the exercise certainly ensures the body wants to sleep. We’re back into the camping routine again pretty quickly, it still takes […]

Blue Skies and Progress

What a 72 hours, got trapped in a howler of a storm for nearly 36 hours, spent 5 hours digging the tents out to spend over an hour travelling 1km in 60 – 100km winds to spent another hour putting up just one tent, absolutely crazy weather, and then this morning we woke to blue […]

On the move!

Great weather today, last load up to the Glacier and we are drying everything, in the first sunshine in 10 days. We will be skiing in the next hour, spirits are high now our sleeping bags and clothes are dry. The visibility today is amazing and we hope to ski till 8 tonight, and weather […]

Rain Rain Go Away

Cian here back at base in Dingle. I just got a phone call from Mike and the team with the latest update.  They have gotten to the High Cache now at the glacier. They have been pounded relentlessly by heavy rain and wind , and all equipment is now very wet , sleeping bags and […]

Nearing the ice

We received a phone call from Mike back here at base in Dingle yesterday evening. The team are doing well , they have done the boat trip , and two days horse riding and were in the process of carrying gear in to the base of the ice yesterday when we spoke. They had half […]

Landed in Patagonia

We’re are in Coyhaique now staying in the Patagonian Hostel, time to prepare all the food! This morning was spent getting 100 breakfasts ready, and in typical Patagonian fashion the weather has 5 seasons in a day, at the moment we are in the rainy and windy bit, lots of rain and wind. We hope […]