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Greenland 2015 : The Ice Project : Mission 6

Mission 6 : Greenland : Complete

Well as ye know we have made it to Isertoq and completed the crossing. The last 54 hours gave us all a real test, completing over 120km (20% of the total journey) trying to beat a massive storm that was on the way, our last 14 hours were spent trying to drive through the storm […]

Mike O Shea and Clare O Leary having successfully crossed the Greenland Icecap

Long overdue update!

Sorry for the lack of updates here on the blog – we have been slacking back here at base camp!  I hope people have been having a chance to follow on Facebook and Twitter and tracking the team on the map. Below are some updates from the team over the past week or two.  Also […]

Day 3 – All going well

Morning We did 16k yesterday and gained 300m, was a lovely day overall, nice steady 15km wind most of the day. Amazing to just see white in every direction. The snow is very stick so it’s balling on the skis, so very little gliding, everyone in good form, Mike  

The whole team sledding across Greenland

Dragging sleds through the icefall.

Day 2 : Greenland

Great weather again today, travelled over 11k which is good for the icefall. Lots of snow so we have managed to stay in the skis all day. Great sleep last night, total quiet, and the exercise certainly ensures the body wants to sleep. We’re back into the camping routine again pretty quickly, it still takes […]

All the food organised!

Final Day of Prep

Today is the last day of preparation before Mike and Clare begin their expedition to cross the Greenland Icecap.  They have spent the last few days in the small village of Kangerlussauq in Western Greenland.  There they have had time to meet the rest of the team and do final equipment checks etc.   Also […]

Irish Duo set to tackle 575km Ice crossing of Greenland

Irish adventurers Mike O’Shea and Clare O’Leary are again foregoing the mild climes of Ireland for much colder weather.  Today the duo announced their upcoming expedition to Greenland – where they plan to cross the Greenland lcecap from West to East over 25 gruelling days . Greenland is the second largest ice mass outside of […]

Greenland : Mission 6