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Sailsbury Plains

We got picked up as the winds are too strong to do anything and are getting stronger, so we have sailed to Prince Olaf bay to seek shelter for a day or two, Sailsbury Plains was possibly one of the most amazing places I or any of us have visited in our lives, the King […]

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Almost at South Georgia

The conditions are like being in the Med with an arctic breeze to keep us in check, the excitement is building fast as it looks like we will reach King Hakkonn bay in the middle of the night and will be in a position to make landfall tomorrow morning and make out first visit to […]

And they are off : 19th Nov

Word just in from the team.  They set sail yesterday and have over 300km covered already.   The brief text message said that “all good , most suffering some sickness” . Hopefully they will get time to do a full blog post update tomorrow for us!  Meanwhile you can check our their position today on […]

Dragging sleds through the icefall.

Day 2 : Greenland

Great weather again today, travelled over 11k which is good for the icefall. Lots of snow so we have managed to stay in the skis all day. Great sleep last night, total quiet, and the exercise certainly ensures the body wants to sleep. We’re back into the camping routine again pretty quickly, it still takes […]

Final Day of Prep

Today is the last day of preparation before Mike and Clare begin their expedition to cross the Greenland Icecap.  They have spent the last few days in the small village of Kangerlussauq in Western Greenland.  There they have had time to meet the rest of the team and do final equipment checks etc.   Also […]

All the food organised!

Another tough day at the office

Today’s update, horrible weather all day, we decided to move in the hope it would improve, and after 2 hours we decided we better get the tent up as the winds were over 50km and it was going to be difficult work, which was true, as we had to use our ice axes to hold […]

Iceland : Tent bound!

After our fun spin in the Superjeep we got dropped short of the Glacier, and descended a section before beginning a 12km ski and about 400m of ascent, we need to ski and climb a further 72km and ascend 700m before we reach the high point where there is a Hut used by Scientists. There […]

Iceland : Blog 1

Well where do I start, Iceland is described as being similar to Ireland in that both countries went through the crash, they burnt the bondholders and we have paid them back, we have massive unemployment and they are at 4%, but according to PrimeTime the country is doing well but the common folk are still […]

Whats really behind an adventure

For every Adventurer, chancer or dreamer out there, there is a host of supporters in the background who, sponsor, advise, cajole or just kick asses into gear at times and we sometimes forget to mention all of the support that we get, here is a list of some of our key supporters this year, some have […]