Iceberg Watch

9th Dec : Sitting on Deck now, some serious icebergs about the place, so lots of ducking and diving, to avoid them, one piece was 1.4 miles long, a piece broken off from Antartica for sure, and lots the size of houses, cars etc, and were only looking at a fraction of what is below […]


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Whale Bay

Tried a peak today at prince olaf bay. had to abondon due to avalanche risk just too dangerous but did a great trek. sailing to right whale bay

Sailsbury Plains

We got picked up as the winds are too strong to do anything and are getting stronger, so we have sailed to Prince Olaf bay to seek shelter for a day or two, Sailsbury Plains was possibly one of the most amazing places I or any of us have visited in our lives, the King […]

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Rough Day at the office

Landed on here today, nice easy landing not too many fur seals around, makes life easier for sure, with 5 million of them on this small island it’s hard to duck them. We are now camped beneath the Lucas Glacier in howling winds, we can barely walk against them, so could make for an interesting […]

Fortuna to Stromness

What a day today, we followed the Shackleton route from Fortuna to Stromness today, Fortuna is where they first heard the 7am steam whistle from the Whaling station. And then we headed over the ridge to Crean Lake and down to Stromness, it was amazing reading about their feelings, walking along the route as per […]

Crean Lake

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Road Bowling in South Georgia!!

Great day had by all, scones baked on the boat, Keith did a few long walks, Clare and Aidan did s ski tour, we held the first South Georgia road bowling competition, there is a stewards enquiry after Seanie won, very questionable interpretation of the rules. We visited Shackleton’s Cross, at Hope Point, and then […]

Mike bumps into Jonathan Shackleton

Today was spent hanging around Gritvyken, visiting the museum, the post office, drying gear and just a lazy day. Some went for walks, Aidan and Clare went for a kayak, Keith for a scramble, and lots of tea and eating. Amazing to be here looking at all of the remains of the whaling station, some […]

Mike & Jonathan Shackleton