Avalanche risk proves too great for Shackleton Route

Well we are currently in Grytviken after arriving yesterday early evening, it was about a 4/5 hour cruise down from Assistance Bay which is at the back of the Possession Bay, directly below Shackleton Pass.

We had to abandon our traverse of the Shackleton route due to the risk of avalanches, the snow is extremely slushy to a depth of several metres and most slopes of any angle were avalanching, and based on this we deemed it too unsafe to attempt either of the peaks and having reached the infamous crossing point that they slide on their backsides down, again decided the risk was too great due to Avalanche risk with the snow conditions and high temps. This morning at 8 am it was 12 degrees on the snow in the shade, and the deep fogs and warm winds ensured that the snow was not going to freeze to a level that ensured a safe crossing.

As the boat had already left King Hakkonn  bay it was decided that we would cross the Island by a route via the Shackleton Pass, which proved interesting as it was much steeper in parts than initially expected, and provided for a great day out skiing in some amazing countryside.

The peaks here are all jagged rocky outcrops that seem to erupt from the ice fields and glaciers, their intense shapes and ruggedness make for some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world.

Today we are off to the Museum and to visit the remains of the whaling station before heading up to the graveyard to visit the ” BOSS” and Worsley’s grave, and to take a nip of our South Georgia whiskey in honour of both great men.


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